Is there anyone in the world that knows your dog better than you do? If you are like most pet owners, you can tell when your dog is going to be hungry before she starts to head toward her food bowl, you know before she starts scratching at the door that she needs to go out to potty and you definitely know that she’s getting bored when she starts looking around for something to play with. If your dog is smart and energetic, you know how important it is to anticipate when the boredom will set in so that you can distract her before she gets into trouble. A bored and excitable dog is a recipe for disaster, so be sure to keep your furniture and your yard safe by providing plenty of stimulation for your pooch. Petting, walking and play time are all great ways to make sure your dog feels bonded with you and content in your home, but you can’t be available one hundred percent of the time. Explore Knit Knacks dogs’ toys to find the perfect toys for your dog’s play time.

Knit Knacks dogs’ toys are a wonderful treat for small dogs that enjoy chewing and playing. When you don’t have the time to play with your puppy, why not keep them occupied with a new toy? Choosing the right toy for your dog is never easy, but when you shop online you can take your time choosing what you think might be a favorite. With all the fun, adorable options out there it’s going to be harder to narrow it down to just your favorites. You can start by deciding on the fun animal you think is cutest, whether that’s a piglet, a unicorn, a bird or even fun holiday animals like reindeer or gingerbread men. Knit Knacks are all handknit with organic cotton, which is great for your small dog’s teeth and gums while they chew.

When you’re picking out the perfect dog toy for your best buddy, it should meet a few requirements that you shouldn’t skimp on. First, it should be from a reputable company with good reviews from other dog owners. Second, it should be made from materials that won’t harm your dog, no matter how rough they are with it. And of course, it should be fun to play with! A great toy is one that your dog can’t put down.