A dog collar suffices to control and discipline a dog in most of the cases. However, there are some overzealous breeds that need something more than a collar to be tamed. If you are also one of those dog owners that need a better control accessory for your canine, then a well-built harness is the answer. As mentioned earlier, dog collars have their utility but there are various reasons why you need to put a harness on your overzealous dog. Walking with a dog of heavy built and brawny muscles is always a challenge. You need to be on your toes all through the walk. The difficulty of this challenge increases manifold when your dog finds any scent or object to go at. In such instances, a harness comes in really useful. Its strong grip around the upper body of the dog gives you better hold of its movement.

Harnesses are important and beneficial for the dog’s own safety as well. When you try to tame a dog that is going berserk with the combo of collar and leash, you are going to put a lot of strain on its neck. The harms of it don’t appear immediately but it can result in permanent bone and gait issues in your dog in the later stages of life. On the other hand, the harness is wrapped around the neck, shoulders, and trunk of the dog that distributes the force of the pull on the entire body instead of just straining the neck. One more thing, a dog can also develop the condition of Ocular Proptosis when it is forcefully tugged through the leash fitted on a collar. In this condition, eyeballs of the dog move forward a little bit and this eventually leads to acute vision deterioration.

An overzealous dog should also wear a harness because it rules out the possibility of leash tangling. In many instances, a dog in its spur get tangled itself in the leash and sometimes along with the feet and hand of their owners. When the leash is back-clipped on the harness, the chances of any such injury-causing situation plummets. Lastly, a well-designed harness can become part of your “dog’s attire”. For example, an adjustable pink dog harness can give a vibrant look to your canine fellow. Similarly, a jet black dog harness makes for a sporty appearance.