If your puppy has grown big enough to play with toys and you can’t decide among the multitude of options available in the market, then hear us out: get knit Knacks dogs toys for your pup. There are various reasons why knit knacks are worth your money and should be the first toy of your doggy while growing up. To begin with, they capture the essence of the love and warmth you have for your pet child. Their hand-crotched design is the reason why they look as such. Moreover, they are made of 100% organic material. So, you don’t need to worry about BPA slow poisoning and other side effects associated with synthetic materials. Knit knack dog toys are also better than the typical polymer variants because they are soft and plush.

We all know that dogs tend to put everything in their mouth. So, there is no way you can stop them from nibbling on their favorite toys. In that sense, knit knacks are the best. Dogs are not able to warp and damage them even with all the chugging and biting. On the other hand, this chewing and nibbling on soft organic cotton are healthy for their growing teeth. Veterinary experts are of the opinion that chewing on crotched cotton improves the dental health of dogs. There is no other dog toy that improves the wellbeing of a pet so directly. In order to give knit knacks a true toy makeover, manufactures also add squeakers to them.

Squeakers add the fun element to these toys. Even if you are not there to entertain your dog, the squeaker will keep it indulged for long durations. The squeakers are fitted so deep in the toy that you don’t need to worry about it getting in between the dog’s teeth. There is one other reason too that make knit knacks a perfect choice as the first toy of your dog i.e. they are quite affordable. You don’t need to keep counting money in your wallet while buying them. Even the high-quality knit knack dog toys made of 100% organic cotton are available in the range of $11-12. One last thing, the knit knacks available on any reputable dog accessory store don’t look like poor attempts on hand-crocheting. The attention to details in their making is amazing. If a knit knack toy is supposed to look like a snowman it will look like one.