Are you bringing home a brand new puppy to your home? Or maybe you’re adopting an older dog that needs a loving home to spend the golden years of its life in a loving and caring home. Or maybe your dog that you’ve cared for for years is chewing through all of their favorite toys. Whatever the reason, shopping for new toys for your canine friends is a great time, whether you’re shopping in person or online. Not sure what toys are best for your dog? You have a huge variety of options, from squeaky toys for dogs to tug toys to balls and beyond. To choose the best toys for your dog, consider what kinds of activities they enjoy and consider the best ways for them to expend all that extra energy.

There are endless ways to make sure that your dog gets the exercise that they need on a daily basis. Of course a walk is always going to be an old standby and a great way to bond and spend time with your pooch. But dogs are descended from hunters and they oftentimes have more energy than you do. If your dog is a habitual chewer, there is nothing better than quality squeaky toys for dogs to keep them occupied. A squeaker inside of a soft or rubbery toy gives your dog the impression that they’re gnawing on something that might try to run away, which activates their hunter instinct and keeps them interested. When your dog can’t get enough running, especially if he is from a breed that is bred to run and work, a ball with a thrower is going to be exactly what you need; keep him moving throw after throw, whether you’re at the park or in the back yard, to ensure that he gets a great night’s sleep.

If you know that your dog wants to spend time playing with you, a tug toy is a fantastic toy to help you play and bond with her. A tug toy can be a stuffed animal, a rope or a variety of other sturdy toys. Young puppies and older dogs might not have the tooth and jaw strength to play this game for long or very hard, so be sure to monitor them to ensure that they don’t hurt themselves. Choosing a great toy will help you dog lead a healthy life.