Dogs and humans, a friendship that has existed since the world came into being. Some people get dogs for protection, some for friendship, and others just cannot resist how cute they are and bring home every dog they see. There are some very popular movies and stories based on the dog and man companionship, one of which is a Disney’s classic called ‘101 Dalmatians’, which reflects the bond dogs have with their owners. It is evident in real life as well that dogs are truly one of the most loyal pets to have.

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The top priority at Blue Heeler Plus is our customer, which is why the prices start at $5 only. And that’s not even the best part! You can easily choose the product you want to order and receive it within 24-72 working hours. You can also pair the accessory with some of our other products, such as the Knit Knack dog toy, or our Soft Mesh dog harness, which you can match with the color of your dog’s collar! If you have trouble with any of the products, or you find out they are not sealed, you can report within 24-36 hours and get your money back. Blue Heeler Plus’s primary focus is the satisfaction of the customer, and for that reason, we have hired the best possible customer representative team that will help you with all your concerns, not only before but after the purchase. Simply reach out to us by clicking on the ‘Contact Us’ bar in the top right corner and our team will get back to you as soon as possible. Your concerns will always be our first priority.