One of the great activities to do with dogs is taking them out on walks. Walking with your dog is a fantastic way to get up off of your couch and spend time out in your neighborhood. You can also use it as a way to explore new and interesting areas of your town, or to get out into the wilderness with your dog for a long hike. What you can do with your dog is determined mostly by their physical abilities and their personality. A tiny dog that is mostly afraid of anything outside the house is not going to be a great hiking companion, but they might enjoy a stroll around the neighborhood or a quiet park. A great big dog might get frustrated by only getting to walk down the street when they want to be running through the woods and fields on a long hike. When you know what your dog can handle and what works best for the two of you together, make sure you have the right leash for the occasion. A 4 foot leather dog leash is going to be better for different walks than a retractable dog leash, so do your research before you buy!

A standard leash is the normal kind of leash that you’re used to; they have a fixed length and you can choose between long, short and in between. A retractable leash is one that you can adjust on the move, usually with just the click of a button, and it can get very, very long or be just long enough for your dog to heel. These kinds of leashes, since they’re often quite thin, are not great for larger dogs or dogs that enjoy pulling. An adjustable leash is something in between the two; you get to decide on the length but it requires making a manual adjustment and is oftentimes thick enough to more easily control a bigger dog.

So what length is right for your dog? That depends largely on where you’re walking. Four feet is perfect for when you need to keep your dog close. That might include a busy street in your neighborhood or a very narrow trail where you need to make sure that your dog isn’t straying into the path of oncoming hikers. You’ll also find it gives you better control of a dog that doesn’t immediately pat attention. Six feet is great for most quiet neighborhood sidewalks and gives you and your dog a chance to have a little space from each other to most easily enjoy your walk. From there, you can choose between leather, nylon and chain leashes depending on the features that are important to you. Enjoy walking!