From greyhounds to Maltese, there is a whole range of canines that distinguish amongst each other with their sizes. Homeowners prefer small-breed dogs as their pet fellow for various reasons. For instance, many small breeds are moderately active-neither they are too frenzied to bring down the house nor too lazy and lethargic to snooze on the couch all the time. Moreover, their care and nourishment are relatively easy to manage. Also, it is more convenient to take them on walks. However, there is one area where many people seem confused regarding small dogs. They are not sure of how to entertain and play with small dogs. Many pet parents hold themselves back in playing with small dogs. They think it will tire them out because of their inferior physique.

However, that’s not the case. Canines irrespective of sizes need a good amount of playtime. There is no different playing regimen for small dogs. You have to indulge your small dog in the same activities that you are supposed to use for any large size canine. However, shrink down their size and scale. For instance, if you are playing Frisbee with your small dog, bring the game to hallway from the park/lawn. Similarly, fetch throws should not be fully stretched. Keep in mind that you need to engage your dog in physical activity so that it can continue to keep its behavior training. Boston terrier, Jack Russell terrier, Bichon Frise, and Dachshund are all considered smaller breeds but they need similar playtime as any large dog if not more.

Regarding toys for small dogs, there is a simple rule to follow: the toy should not be big enough that a dog needs to wrench open its mouth, nor should it be too small that there is a risk of ingestion. This rule, in fact, applies to toys for dogs of all sizes. There are many quality toys for small dogs you can find in the market that will keep your little family members busy. For instance, knit knacks toys are perfect if you want to make sure a playing accessory of your dog is absolutely failsafe. These toys are suitable for their sizes. Any small dog can easily grab and carry them. Moreover, they are made of 100% organic cotton so even if your dog excessively nibbles on them it is not going to harm itself. In fact, the crocheted design of these toys is considered good for their oral health.