Creating a safe and comforting home for your dog can mean different things for different dogs. For older dogs, it often means making sure they have an orthopedic bed to rest on, soft food and plenty of scratches behind the years. If you have a new puppy in the house, you know that paradise for them is hour after hour of play time, new things to chew on and free reign to eat and sleep whenever and wherever they way to. If your best friend is a little breed, they might enjoy spending time on your lap or cuddling on the couch, getting their exercise out in the back yard and chowing down on whatever pet-safe table scraps you give them. Small dogs like to play and be as active as larger dogs, but it can be hard for you to find toys that are appropriate for their smaller mouths and teeth. If you take your time while shopping, though, you can find a great selection of toys for small dogs that will keep your pooch entertained for hours and hours.

Whether you are shopping for a puppy or for a small breed, there are some characteristics that you’ll want to look out for in quality toys for small dogs. High quality toys are made from non-toxic materials that won’t poison your pet while they chew. Whether a toy is a squeaky toy for chewing, a plushie for cuddling or a training toy to teach your dog, it should be durable and long-lasting, designed for rough treatment and able to stand up to hours of attention. Fun dog toys are interactive, giving your pooch a reward for playing, like treat delivery toys, bones, squeaky toys and others. When you know you have found a quality toy, think about the toys that your dog has loved in the past to make sure you’re appealing to their sense of fun and play.

Dog toys are a fantastic way to bond with your puppy or little dog. There is nothing more fun than spending time playing with your dog, whether you’re at the dog park, in the backyard or at home taking a break from work or cleaning. Both you and you puppy can have so much fun together playing fetch or tug of war with a rope toy. When you take the time to invest in quality toys, you never have to miss a chance to have fun with your puppy.