Animals, like people, have their distinctive characters so that everyone knows how their dog is without the need to ask. But for their identity, you can use personalized identification colors on their collars, harnesses, plates, and leashes. Strap, harness, or dog collar should represent the nature or character of your dog. But you should know that dog collars have an important color code. When a dog behaves in an aggressive way, it can be for many reasons but never for depravity. The animal may be afraid, suffering from anxiety, sore, sick, or have been trained to behave that way. Your dog must have a badge or plate with your phone or address on it in case he gets into trouble. Your responsibility is to make sure that, if one day it is lost, it will be easy for someone to find you. Although you know your dog better than anyone else, external factors can cause you to land in unexpected situations. If you take it out without a leash, it is at risk of getting into an accident or fight with another dog.

When your dog wears just any random collar, it is hard for you to identify it among other dogs. Or in case it gets lost than trying to explain its identity also becomes hard. So a harness or collar that is personalized with a specific color range can help you a lot. In this respect, gold colored dog collars are distinctive and can help you identify your dog among the swarm of others. There is a universal code established in different colors that will quickly tell you what nature or characteristics the dog has. But there are companies that not only have straps and harnesses for dogs but also have written the personality of the dog on them. That’s precisely why color-coded collars, leashes, and harnesses are so useful to recognize at a glance.

The dog that walks with a strap or green harness is a friendly animal. Its sociable nature makes it love to greet unknown people and the rest of the dogs around. It does not present tension, domination or fear before strangers, neither dogs nor humans. There is no problem in petting it or letting your hairy one get close to it. Orange tone warns us against the fact that the dog does not tolerate other dogs but is good with people. If we go alone, we can touch it but don’t get close when we go with our furry friend. Dogs with red collars echo of caution with other dogs and people. The collar with yellow color can indicate that the dog is nervous and therefore, can have an unpredictable attitude or that is in adoption and looking for a new home. Similarly, gold colored dog collars show that the dogs are from a regal background and must be treated with respect and care. The dogs with a blue collar can be on duty (police, with a blind person, etc.) or in the training phase, so they should not be disturbed. Last but not least, Purple / Lilac color forbids from feeding the dog.