Welcoming a canine pet member in your family is definitely an exciting prospect. From building customized kennels to buying high quality dog accessories, new pet parents make sure their abodes welcome and accommodate the incoming family member in the best way possible. There is no doubt that dogs look best when they are not donning any accessory. However, there are some accessories that are important from the safety point of view. Case in point: a dog collar. Even if the canine breed you are going to adopt is not an active one and you don’t have any plans for daily evening dog walks, it is still important that you put a collar on your pet fellow. To begin with, a dog collar makes sure you can put an ID on your dog.

Dogs can go missing even if they are not outgoing type and there is no way to find them unless they are wearing a microchip or a collar with ID. Microchip tagging is a great way to reunite with your dog. However, a collar with ID is the simplest, easiest and cheapest way to ensure you don’t lose your dog for a long time period. Besides making sure your dog doesn’t get lost, a collar with the leash also comes in handy when your pooch is giving you a tough time. No matter how well-behaved or quiet breed you are petting, a dog can get erratic out of nowhere and you can’t do much about it unless you get hold of its leash. So, a dog collar is a must if you are planning to pet one.

Now, here comes the question: how you should pick a good dog collar to put around your pet’s neck? First of all, pick the right collar material. We would recommend collars made of leather. Leather is just the right type of material for pet collars especially dogs. It is strong enough to withstand heavy tugging and also not too rugged to harm the dog. You can find premium quality leather dog collars on any high-quality dog accessories store. While putting a collar on the dog’s neck make sure it is neither too tight nor too loose. A tight collar can get your pooch perpetually uncomfortable meanwhile a loose one can easily slide over its head. A good fit is where you can tuck in two fingers between the collar and the dog’s neck.