For owners, their pets are the cutest thing alive. They could spend days watching their pets grow, teaching them new tricks or simply spending time with them. Especially when that pet is a dog, the bond is truly remarkable. There are a number of activities you can enjoy with your dog, such as playing frisbee, going to a dog park, getting a dog massage, hiking, etc. While all these activities will be fun for both, you and your furry friend, it is important to stay cautious so you can keep an eye on your dog, preventing it from getting lost.

To help you tell your pet apart from others, you can get Blue Heeler Plus’s Plain Leather Dog Collars. Thanks to the wide color range, you can switch it up for every event you attend with your dog. For formal gatherings, you can opt for a black or blue leather collar while on a casual day, you can change it to green, making your pet look vibrant and visible. This will save your dog from getting hurt or lost, but in case that does happen, you can add your information such as name, number, other contact details, on the back of the collar so that whoever finds your dog can return it safely.

Although the market for dog accessories can be said to be a ‘niche’ market, Blue Heeler Plus has priced its goods with affordability being the top priority. In $16-$21, you can get a high-quality leather collar for your dog, in whatever color you like. And the best part is, you would not even have to go from store to store searching. This would save time, and you can spend it on other recreational activities or simply to relax with your pet. Not only that, but Blue Heeler Plus also offers international shipping, so it does not matter where you are, you can get access to the best accessories for your dog. Blue Heeler Plus wants to make sure you have the best shopping experience, and although we are a small business, we cater to each customer individually to make sure they are satisfied with their experience and they shop with us again. Our aim is to bring you the best products at the lowest price, offering the best before and after purchase services, and give you a shopping experience to remember. We hope you enjoy shopping with us, please feel free to talk to us using the ‘Contact Us’ option on our website. Have a nice day!