Many of us have favorite holidays throughout the year, though it may be different for everyone which ones really stand out. Christmas is a traditional favorite for many people, and why wouldn’t it be? We get to exchange gifts with loved ones, spend time cooking and eating some of our favorite decadent treats and decorate with beautiful décor throughout our home and yard. For others, Halloween is the best holiday because they get to tap into their dark side and put up fun and spooky décor. If you’re a romantic, you likely love Valentine’s Day and getting to shower your loved one in gifts and romantic gestures. Since your dog is a part of the family, it makes sense for us to include them in our favorite celebrations, but sometimes we forget them in the hustle and bustle. This year, take the time to shop for holiday dog toys that your dog is going to fall in love with.

What kinds of options do you have when it comes to finding the right holiday dog toys? There are so many to choose from! You can decide on the holiday that you want to celebrate and find a toy that’s a fun and appropriate way to celebrate it, whether it’s for Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day or any other holiday. Are you in love with trees? You can find an Arbor Day toy if you want to! When the weather turns dark and stormy and your dog has to spend more time inside, keep her entertained with a squeaky toy that celebrates the season. You can find everything from snow men to ginger bread men and beyond. Is it time to celebrate Easter and the start of the spring? Your dog will fall in love with a bunny or duck toy to add to their toy box.

Toys don’t have to be restricted to holidays, either. You can always get your dog a birthday toy, or a toy to celebrate their adoption into your family. There are plenty of top-quality toys out there that your dog will enjoy playing with for a long time. Whatever holiday you’re celebrating, make sure that you invest in quality toys that aren’t going to fall apart while your dog plays with them, since that can lead to your dog ingesting pieces that can lead to injury. Enjoy celebrating the holidays with your pet!