Experts agree that, just like humans, dogs need regular exercise to help them stay healthy and thrive. Some dogs are great about getting exercise all by themselves, without any people around to encourage it. We’ve all seen those dogs; they’re the ones that run and run in the back yard, finding new and interesting things to sniff, birds and small animals to chase, neighbor dogs to say hello to. But many dogs just want to stay by your side and spend time with you. When you let these loving dogs go outside they can keep themselves entertained for a while but soon enough they’re at the back door again, begging to be let back inside so they can lay down next to you. These dogs need extra encouragement to get out and get the exercise they need to be healthy.

Luckily for you, a loving caregiver for your pet, getting your pet moving means that you get to move too! The best way to encourage activity in your dog is to get outside for a walk together. A walk doesn’t have to be a marathon to be good for both you and your best friend and having the right equipment can make getting ready and getting outside easier than ever. You know your dog better than anyone, so don’t hesitate to get online to do your research. Pet stores online will offer you an incredible selection of collars, harnesses and leashes. Keep your dog in mind as you browse through the many options that are available to you at great prices. Maybe you and your dog will benefit from a sturdy collar, or maybe an adjustable pink dog harness best suits your dog’s temperament and personality. Whatever you choose, make sure that it’s top quality and will last you through many long walks together.

When you’ve got the right equipment on hand, make walks a regular part of your daily routine. You are going to find the first few weeks are the hardest, since you are trying to set up a new and healthy habit. But let your dog’s natural enthusiasm encourage you to keep it up; your furry friend means the world to you, and seeing how excited they get just seeing that leash in your hand will make it all worth it. When your routine is established, you’ll be amazed at how much you start looking forward to your walks!