Whether you have brought in a belligerent dog breed home or petting an adult canine for the first time, a harness is going to come in really helpful. However, it becomes really difficult to settle on one single harness when the market is brimming with lots of options. If you are going to buy a dog harness for the first time then read on because we are going to discuss some of its important features. To begin with, make sure the harness you are going to buy is a proper fit for the breed you are petting. Keep in mind that the primary function of a harness is to give you better control over the dog’s movement. So, if its fitting is not on point, it will virtually render useless. Once you pick the right size, see what leash connection you want. There are two connection configurations on a harness: front-clip and back-clip.

Many people opt for front-clip connection to tame their aggressive canine in a better manner. But in practice, it doesn’t help that much. On top of that, they are not comfortable for the dog and often result in the leash tangling up in the front legs. Harnesses with back-clip connection are better because they offer the required control to you and remain comfortable for the dog. Then you need to see if the padding is required in the harness. Padding is not that necessary for thick-furred dogs. But if you are petting a short-hair breed, get padded harnesses. In general, look for soft harnesses for dogs irrespective of their fur thickness since you are not supposed to put them on your pet to punish it.

Material is another factor that you need to consider when shopping a harness for your doggie. Experts usually consider leather and nylon suitable for canine harnesses. In between these two, we would recommend you to go with the latter. The intrinsic nature of nylon makes for soft harnesses for dogs. Moreover, they are easy to clean. With a simple soap wash, you can get them all new. Last but not least, nylon harness is also reasonably-priced. You can easily get high-quality nylon dog harnesses for around $15. After buying a harness and putting it on your dog, observe for a couple of days how it reacts to this change. Some dogs take a bit of time to adjust to harnesses and show some agitation in the beginning.